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How to Order Science Kits
Our kits are packaged four to a box. This is designed to provide each of four students in a group their own project as well as an instruction manual for the leader or facilitator of the group. Boxes are complete with materials for four students, all necessary tools, and the instruction manual.

If you are interested in ordering kits for your school or have questions about sizing your program, determining the number of weeks to run your program, what your volunteers may need to know or do to facilitate the weekly sessions, please contact us to place an order or receive additional information.
 Product Name+   Description   Price 
 Animated Movies  Sequence of motion   $33.80 
 Breathtaking Models     $33.80 
 Catapults  Simple machines   $29.80 
 Catch a Thief  Crime chemistry   $26.80 
 Clean Water  Clean water engineering   $36.80 
 CSI  Crime chemistry   $26.80 
 Deep Sea Divers  Flotation and density   $26.80 
 Electronic Matching Game  Electronic game board   $26.80 
 Hydraulic Lift  Hydraulic machines   $29.80 
 Invisible Forces  Electromagnetic motor   $29.80 
 Kalimba Piano  Properties of sound   $29.80 
 Light House  Properties of light   $29.80 
 Newton's Car  Balloon powered car design   $26.80 
 Night and Day  Astronomy   $26.80 
 Oil Spill  Environmental engineering   $26.80 
 Oobleck  Properties of matter   $26.80 
 Owl Pellets  Food web   $26.80 
 Periscopes  Reflection and symmetry   $26.80 
 Steady Hand Game  Electronic circuits   $26.80 
 The Solar Car  Solar energy   $54.80 
 Time Shadows  Earth – sun movement   $26.80 
 Weather Stations  Meteorology   $33.80