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Information for Schools

Youth Explorations in Science is an organization that develops and produces hands-on science kits for programming in schools and community centers. We have created thousands of programs in elementary schools, YMCAs, Boys and Girls clubs, Boys and Girls scouts, 4-H clubs, libraries, etc.

We currently have over 20 engaging kits that enable you to create an exciting, hands-on science club in your school setting. The projects are rich in science and math content and span the physical, earth, technology and life science areas. All of our projects are aligned with the national science frameworks and as such provide valuable extended learning for classroom curricula. Each new project provides an exciting and engaging scientific exploration that develops multi-sensory learning and is fun!

Our science kits contain all of the materials, tools, math extensions, and instruction manuals necessary to guarantee successful one hour project sessions with your students. The program is very flexible and as such can be run as an after school science club with any number of students and for a two to five month series. They are great for inclusion in summer science camps or family science nights. In any program implementation you choose, your students will discover that science is not difficult and their confidence in understanding science grows. It will stimulate their curiosity in the world of science around them, give them a sense of accomplishment each week as they build electronic devices, weather stations, solar cars, catapults, hydraulic lifts etc. Students will realize the important benefits of having increased interaction with their classmates in a less formal setting and the many benefits from having mentors in their lives. These may include high school honor students, business volunteers, college outreach students, or PTO parent volunteers.

Our mission is to help PTOs implement a hands-on science enrichment program at your school. We can provide assistance in setting up your program, discuss kits choices and club durations, where you may source volunteers to run the club in small student groups (four students per volunteer), and assist with possible funding sources in your district or region. The program is very inexpensive with most projects costing about $6 per student and no overhead costs. Students will build their own kit each week and take it home where continued learning and science explorations take place in the family.

Elementary schools will find that our kits are rich in science content reflecting the concepts that are taught in the third through sixth grade classrooms, thus their experiential learning will reinforce their understanding of the schools science curricula and better prepare them for statewide science tests. For over fifteen years we have produced high quality science kits for after school settings, they have been implemented in 40 of the US states and overseas in 20 countries, including science leaders such as Japan, India, Germany, China and the UK. Through 2014 we have reached over one million students worldwide in just over a decade!

Contact us and implement an exciting science enrichment program in your school. Help your students begin a journey into understanding the important science concepts that exist in the world around them. Students, parents, volunteers and teachers will be talking about the enthusiasm and enrichment taking place in your school all year!